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  • It does utilize multiple formats, making it easier to use .
  • I recommend. The price seems reasonable and the quality is just fine!
  • Greate variaety of supported formats. My need was to convert some flv files... it did OK! it allows to use about 20 more tools by the company.
  • It's really excellent.

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How to convert DVD to Sony PSP video MP4 format?

Need a DVD to PSP converter to convert your DVD movies to PSP MP4 format? Use Need4 Video Converter to rip your DVDs and save them in MP4 for Sony PSP! Whatever task you need to complete - convert a DVD to Sony PSP as a whole, or convert just some video segments - you will convert and save DVD videos in the MP4 format fast and easy.

Step 1. Launch Need4 Video Converter

Free to Download Need4 Video Converter and install it.

Converting DVD to PSP

Step 2. Add DVD To Convert

To add DVD videos you want to convert, click the DVD button. Select a DVD drive and then click the Video_TS folder. Click Open. All videos from the DVD will be added to the list of opened files below.

To add your DVD, click the 'DVD' button

Step 3.Select Sony PSP MP4 Output Format

Open the Output format list, and select Sony PSP > PSP Video.

Select your device from the 'Output format' list

Step 4.Specify File Name and Folder to Save DVD

In the Save as field, enter the name for the converted video. In the Save to field, specify the folder where to store converted videos. Then, specify additional options for saving video:

Specify the name ('Save as' field) and the folder ('Save to' field) for the output video file
  • Overwrite existing files — check it to replace existing MP4 with the same name with newly created ones;
  • Open output folder when done — check it to open the folder with a ready file when conversion is finished. (Recommended);
  • Shutdown when done — check it to close the program window when conversion is completed.

Step 5.Select a Video Segment to Rip to Sony PSP

To convert any segment of your video, click the Edit button next to your video in the list. In the opened window, drag the left marker to the beginning of a desired video episode and the right marker — to the end of it.

Click the 'Edit' button and designate the desired video fragment with the markers

Step 6. Select Audio Track and Subtitles Language

Click the abc button next to a necessary video in the list. Select the audio track you want to convert and specify the language for subtitles (if available).

Click the 'abc' button and select the audio track and subtitles language

Step 7. Hit Convert to Save Your DVD movies to Sony PSP MP4

Make sure the added video file is checked in the list of opened files and hit Convert to convert DVD to PSP.

Click the 'Convert' button to start conversion

Step 8.Transfer Converted Videos to Sony PSP

After conversion is successfully completed, attach the PSP to the computer. From the main menu, select Tools > PSP Uploader. An application window will open. Browse and open the movies you want to transfer. Click Move-> to start the transfer to the PSP.

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